Learn Python

Learn Python #

Below is a list of recommended resources that will teach you quickly Python. You can select the right format based on your own experience on how best you learn. No matter what you do there is a good Python book to help you and use as a reference: Think Python by Allen B. Downey, 2nd edition. This is an open source book. It is available without charge in HTML and PDF formats at http://greenteapress.com/wp/think-python-2e/ (Links to an external site.).

The interactive path to learn python (preferred) #

The following are your options with 1 being the highest priority.

  1. IBM’s Python Basics for Data Science

  2. Kaggle Python Course

  3. CodeAcademy Data Science Path. Take Python modules 4-10. This course contains Numpy and Panda intro as well.

The traditional path to learn Python #

  1. Google Python Class This is a bit dated as it covers Python 2, but it is still highly regarded as Python 3 and 2 have few differences.

  2. Stanford’s CS228 Basic Python.

  3. Numpy Tutorial - Stanford’s CS231n.

Numpy Cheatsheet

  1. This is the “official” documentation on Pandas: Pandas: powerful Python data analysis toolkit

We should also mention Leetcode as this is perhaps the most popular destination for anyone that wishes to use the skills learned here to launch a software engineering career in tech. It helps you answer all coding-based interview questions.