Data Mining - CS634/CS482

mine Deep Mining

Welcome to CS634/CS482 #

Logistics #

Time/location: CS634 Tues 6pm @ Jersey City

Tues and Thus 4pm - 5.10pm @ Newark

Communication: We use Slack for all communications: announcements and questions related to lectures and projects. Slack info was published in Canvas.

Instructor #

Pantelis Monogioudis, Ph.D Professor of Practice, NJIT & Adjunct NYU

Teaching Assistant / Graders #


What is this course about #

This course is all about the methods and pipelines that enable agents to reveal insights from big data repositories and data streams.

Grading #

  1. Midterm (20%)
  2. Assignments (30%)
  3. Final (30%)
  4. Project (20%)