Vectors #

Most of the material in this section was borrowed from this excellent series of Essence of Linear Algebra youtube videos

The Physics, Computer Science and Math perspective on vectors #

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Coordinate systems and vector operations #


addition Notice the typo - its $[x_1+x_2, y_1+y_2]$


basis-vectors $i$ and $j$ are the basis vectors of the xy coordinate system. But these are not the only basis vectors that we can have.

linear-combination Every 2D vector can be expressed as a linear combination of two vectors

linearly-dependent Not all vectors are good choices for creating a span. For example, these two vectors cant span the 2D space - they can only span a single line. $v$ and $w$ are then called linearly dependent.

linearly-independent These two vectors span the full 2D space - $v$ and $w$ are then called linearly independent.

linearly-independent-3d Such set of vectors that are linearly independent and span the full space are called the basis vectors of a vector space